William Saunders

Laboratory Analyst

Marietta, GA




Georgia Institute of Technology
2004 - 2008

B.S. Physics


HTML, CSS, JS, R, Python

Excel, SQL, Office

Leco, Ika, Rigaku


Work Experience

Environmental Lab Analyst / Georgia Power Company
Nov 2012 - Current

Optimized Workflow

Improved overall quality of testing

Project Manager for the Coal Quality Database and Coal Pile Audit Projects utilized throughout Southern Company.

Written and developed procedures and quick how-to guides to aid knowledge transfer.

Fuel Lab Technician / Georgia Power Company
Nov 2009 - Nov 2012

Performed multiple coal tests including BTU, Moisture, Ash, and Sulfur.

Managed long term projects such as mercury plume and biomass

Built methodology for coal analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence

Fuel Lab Contractor / Astrix Technology Group
Jul 2008 - Nov 2009

Prepared laboratory samples for short proximate analysis; perform BTU analysis; calibrate calorimeters.

Managed sample storage for daily samples and long term projects.