Welcome to my site

I initially built this site to host my resume. I've expanded it to show off some of my projects, passions and pets.

Currently I'm a consultant in the exciting world of email deliverability. Formerly I worked in coal analysis.

In my spare time I like to game (board and video), 3d print, and ride my bike.

arkwright organizer bike

I don't remember where I saw this, but I thought it would be fun. I enjoy making jack-o-lanterns and also enjoy watermelon in the summer. It wasn't too difficult to make. The tricky part was removing the fruit. I sliced it in half and then did some crosshatching. I'm not actually sure how to describe this in text. Basically I did the horizontal slices and then angled the vertical slices. After which I was able to dump out a good bit of the fruit and pick out the rest with a knife, spoon, or fork. Once it was hollow I cut the face just like any other jack-o-lantern. I put it on the porch for a few days. I imagine the package delivery folks had a good laugh.