William Saunders

Marietta, GA


Georgia Institute of Technology


B.S. Physics


  • HTML, CSS, JS, R, Python, React
  • Excel, SQL, Office
  • Leco, Ika, Rigaku
  • General Management
  • General Data Analytics

  • Work Experience

    Platonic Ideal / Consultant and Business Manager

    Feb 2018 - Present
    • Managed day to day operations, financial operations, and administrative oversight of the business.
    • Technical setup and configuration of all financial platforms: Quickbooks, Square,
    • Owned website development and deployment, as well as technical integrations with Square, Calendly, and Cloudflare.
    • Provided email deliverability consultation including reputation repair, DNS, DKIM, and SPF deployment.

    Environmental Lab Analyst / Georgia Power Company

    Nov 2012 - Feb 2018
    • Optimized Workflow
    • Improved overall quality of testing
    • Project Manager for the Coal Quality Database and Coal Pile Audit Projects utilized throughout Southern Company.
    • Written and developed procedures and quick how-to guides to aid knowledge transfer.

    Fuel Lab Technician / Georgia Power Company

    Nov 2009 - Nov 2012
    • Performed multiple coal tests including BTU, Moisture, Ash, and Sulfur.
    • Managed long term projects such as mercury plume and biomass
    • Built methodology for coal analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence

    Fuel Lab Contractor / Astrix Technology Group

    July 2008 - Nov 2009
    • Prepared laboratory samples for short proximate analysis; perform BTU analysis; calibrate calorimeters.
    • Managed sample storage for daily samples and long term projects.