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Update 1

So you know how I was going to update this regularly? Yeah, life happened. I was able to pick a few clients.

Well I feel like this site is done enough to release. I'm abandoning the templating engine and routing plan. I'm not generating dynamic content, so why overcomplicate. I've set up a new form with a recaptcha over on my corporate site. I'll probably put that up soon. I built a simple CRM for the business. The code is up on Github. I'm going to go back to working on Providence and hopefully get that to the point where you can play it hot seat style.

Thingiverse user 310weber remixed my Crokinole Holder

. I feel like this establishes me as a creator now that someone has modified my design and made it better.

First Post

I decided to make my website look a little more profesional and to show off some of what I've learned. This is still quite a rough draft. Also I haven't really written much in a while so thats a bit rusty too.

My plan here is to walk through what I've done and why. So initially I had this website set up to show my resume. I built it using a template on w3 schools. It looked decent, but needed updating. I rebuilt it using bootstrap. It needs a bit more styling and probably some rewording. I slapped together a basic homepage with the links to the various planned pages; home, resume, projects, and blog. I copied that and changed a few things to make the blank templates for the project and blog pages. Then I initialized express and set it up so that I could host locally using node. Eventually I plan to use a templating engine and add in proper routing. At the moment its all just static pages in the public folder. I also need to style everything.

On the projects page I plan on showcasing the stuff I've worked on and am working on. This will likely be pictures which I can slap into a carosel. I can even perhaps link those pictures to a more in depth post.

Also at the moment this post is written directly on the page. I plan to move all that to individual pages and let the engine handle the rest.